Grown up Veer Pratap is shown. Veer Pratap is sword fighting with some soldier. he beats the soldier.

Reporter says, It is impossible to make Pratap lose the fight, when he attacks, nobody can stand infront of him. His eyes are sharp than any sword, he stops steps of enemies like a lion but he didn’t know that killers can kill from eyes only, where will he to himself from those eyes. The lady who attacks from eyes is none other than Ajabde.

Ajabde and Pratap comes face to face after ages, Ajabde puts sword on Pratap’s neck, she has veil on her face and only eyes are seen. Pratap keeps looking in her eyes.

Off-screen Pratap says, when I turned back, Ajabde was standing behind me so you will see Pratap and Ajabde in one frame in this episode for first time, its exciting moment but this is no love scene, there is different kind of chemistry, a chemistry of warriors. Ajabde says, I don’t know that he is Pratap and he also don’t know that I am Ajabde, I have gone there to fight with him and he didn’t expect the girl to come there and fight with him.

Reporter says, they don’t know that they both are married and husband and wife. she is saving her state and has no idea about the man standing infront of her. And Pratap, he is surprised to see girl putting sword on his neck, he s lost in her eyes like he knows her from before.

Off-screen Pratap says, yes there is a feeling in air. He doesn’t wanna see Ajabde but he feels that he will meet Ajabde. Ajabde says, I felt brother is problem so I went to him and met Pratap there.

Reporter says, Pratap is stunned and this must be first and last time, he didn’t attack as his heart feel that he knows person infront of him.

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