Ayesha Khan expresses her anguish against media houses for capturing actress in wrong angles

MUMBAI : Ayesha Khan entered the Bigg Boss house as wild card contestant and as she entered the house she exposed Munawar Faruqui to how before entering the house he was in a relationship with her but then he cheated and was two timing in the relationship.

Even during the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode Salman Khan had lashed out at Ayesha for targeting Munawar and bringing out all his personal details out and she came on this show only for fame and nothing else and she needed no clarification from Munawar.

She also told Munawar that what he did with her was wrong and this is not done and she won’t spare him and she had come on the show to expose him.

She was evicted from the show just a few weeks before the finale.

Post, the show going off – air the actress hasn’t done any project.

These days she is being offered a lot of projects and she is carefully choosing which ones to be part of.

The actress took to social media and expressed her anger on how the media clicks actresses in different angles and how disgusting and irritating it is.

The actress said “What are these angles? Where are you Zooming? Consent? What is wrong with some of the media houses? Can’t a woman dress the way she wants without having the fear god known from where anyone would click what angle. Absolutely obnoxious! A woman is adjusting her dress before stepping out the car and you want to capture that exact moment and post, a woman is saying don’t capture me from the back. Tadaa! The caption for the next post. “XYZ” says don’t click from behind. Some of our media houses need to learn basic manners”

Well, this is not first time that an actress has raised a concern, there have been many other actresses who has raised this issue.

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