Anupamaa fame Rupali Ganguly opens up about her character and embracing imperfections; Says ‘There was a phase where I was not happy with myself’

MUMBAI: These days, Anupamaa and Rupali Ganguly are almost interchangeable. Anupamaa has struck a chord as a character with millions of women nationwide. The character on television has seen a distinct character journey, going from being first portrayed as an oppressed housewife to discovering her strength. In an interview with a popular news portal on Women’s Day, the actress discussed how she approaches playing Anupamaa and whether she can accept her own flaws while being true to the role.

Rupali Ganguly reflected on a point where you were not happy with herself and spoke about how self-love is not so easy to achieve. She stated, “There was a phase where I was not happy with myself because, somehow, we give so much importance to our physical looks as women. You tend to be a little conscious when you put on weight. Your weight and body shape are associated with a lot of women’s self-esteem and confidence. A slight gain in weight can affect them. It is most important that your body is in great health than shape. What is important is that you should be mentally happy about who you are and how you feel! This is the journey that I have travelled from the beginning of Anupama to here. I am fine. I keep myself active all day. I am a little ashamed to say that I don’t get them to hit the gym but I don’t get bothered by things like ‘I don’t have a flat stomach anymore or I have side handles. I love myself and I am happy with the way I look and feel.”

She highlighted the part about how she balances between staying true to the characters she have played on TV while also bringing your own interpretation and nuances to the role. She said, “Every role that I have done has so much of me in it. Whether it was Monisha (Sarabhai vs Sarabhai), Simran (Sanjeevani), or Anupamaa, I think every actor taps into their inner resources and observations over the years. Every good actor is a great observer. There are things you pick up from people and put into the characters you play. You create a character and feel ownership towards it. But how much you claim ownership over it, that character is not yours, but the writers, the makers and everyone associated with the project. There is a lot of me in Anupamaa, but for me, when I see her, I see her as a separate individual. It is me but also not me. It’s hard to explain.”

“I love Anupama, but I also maintain a sense of detachment. What I admire most about her is her imperfect perfection. I have no grounds to complain. When I get a scene, my responsibility is to portray the character convincingly. I am an actor; my job is to act and not ask! My job is to ensure whatever is written, I can do it with utmost conviction and effort and that is it. That’s my role, and I cherish it.”

She further added, “I love being a television actor. I’m very proud that I am a television actor and, despite being on television, I have this kind of recognition that women across borders, regions and age groups relate to it. I feel blessed that I can reach out to so many.”

Rupali talked about besides portraying Anupamaa, what types of female characters she is aspire to portray on screen, “I have not planned. Anupamaa is the epitome of what I could’ve dreamed of at this age. I got to play this woman, who has different arcs and gambits of emotions. Honestly, I don’t believe there is any dream role. Whatever opportunity you get, you need to make sure you kill it in it. Having said that, you never know what happens next. I feel you should follow your heart and believe that good things will happen.”

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