Arzoo is seen looking at Sahir while the song Jame Raho plays…………..Reporter says, dont know when they will become humsafars if they keep on fighting with each other. She tells about Sahir’s schedule and says every Thursday he seems to be upset and doesn’t like anyone around him. Everyone try to make sure not to go near Sahir. We don’t know why he gets upsets on Thursday.

Arzoo feels strange and gets confused seeing the employees walking around. Sahir tells we can’t light the match stick near the petrol pump. Arzoo tells that whoever doesn’t know about this rule can light the match stick. Sahir says, she will get the petrol pump on fire.

Reporter says, Arzoo makes him angry. Arzoo says, we don’t know why he gets angry on thursday. She asks Joe to stay positive. Reporter says, Arzoo is trapped between Sahir and Anam. Keep reading.

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