Akshara is playing with a baby girl, she is happy with her. Later Natik and Duggu are making baby girl smile.

reporter says, finally a fairy has arrived in Akshara and Natik’s life, they waited for her. They became parents again and duggu got a sibling. Akshara, Natik and Duggu are beyond happy to see the baby girl. They are having fun with Fairy.

Reporter says, let us tell you that this is dream of Akshara, she saw her baby girl in dream before becoming mother again.

Off-screen Natik says, it is a very cute sequence. A saw a dream too in which Akshara is with new born baby and she saw the same dream too.

Reporter says, Akshara is glad to become mother again but she is more worried these days, she is tensed to take responsibility of one more child, she cries.

Off-screen Natik says, story was stuck at point that Akshara cant conceive baby but now some miracle has happened and she is pregnant again, we all are happy, ur family will complete if a baby girl is born.

Reporter says, Akshara’s family is also happy with the news. The twist in story is that leap will happen when the child will born and also Akshara will die and then her daughter will be grown up and she will have same face like Akshara so this way Akshara will remain in story.

Off-screen Natik says, These are speculations and channel can only answer if this is true or not.

Reporter says, it is yet to be seen that how story unfolds but for time being, this dream sequence has brought smile on everyone’s face.

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