Ishita brings wine bottle in room, she puts in cup and is about to drink it, Raman stops her. Ishita says we will drink together, it will be nice. Raman says, I am sorry leave it now, Ishita says no I am serious, Raman ask are you mad.

Off-screen Ishita says, you need to make people understand in their language only so I am telling Raman to not drink wine in his style only, he has done a mistake last night so i want to make him realize that if he can do it then his wife can do it.

Reporter says, Raman had drunk so much in party that police caught him and Ishita had to go to police station to free him.

Reporter says but it was not Raman’s fault that he drank in party, it was actually Ashok who was in party and taunted Raman about Ishita, Raman got angry and slapped Ashok, he lost his cool on Ashok.

Off-screen Ishita says, Raman is not abe to forget that we have lost a baby, i keep trying to tell him that I am happy and content in my own zone, I dont want another baby.

Reporter says, Ishita can hide her sadness of being not mother of her own child, Raman understand this and want her to become mother by surrogacy technique.

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