A letter has arrived home with flower. Everyone is bewildered and confused over it. The letter is written for a guy. It has a lot f love lines. Simi, ishita and Mrs. Bhalla are confused. Mrs. Bhalla says its for Romi. He was wearing blue tomorrow. Romi comes in Mrs. bhalla says wont you stop all this. Late Mrs. bhalla thought it was for Mr. Bhalla. She scolded at him.

Off screen: Ishita says, we have received a letter with a rose. Me and Simi are confused. Simi says, its really funny. Mr. Bhalla says Toshi ji is doubting me. I liked that she still cares about me.

In the end it was Raman’s name. ishita says no its not possible. Toshi says maybe someone is liking him. ishita says who will dare to send Ravan Kumar a love letter.

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