Ishita and Ruhi both are missing. Ayyer and Bhalla family are both looking for them. Raman is really worried for them. He looks everywhere. aadi favors Ishita and Shagun gets mad. Aadi says did you call her? Shagun says her phone is off. Aadi says they will come back, Ishita aunty is with her.

Shagun has accused Ishita of blaming Ishita. Shagun says she has abducted my daughter. I will file a case against her.

Off screen: Toshi says we are really worried, they have both lost. Shagun wanted to take Ruhi, so Ishita went somewhere with Ruhi. but we have no idea where they have gone. Shagun says Ishita has taken her somewhere and everyone is tensed for Ruhi. I gave them 24 hours for ruhi. Aadi says I am not worried since I know Ishita aunty is with her. Toshi says this will worsen our situation in court.

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