Ishita and raman come to meet ruhi. Ruhi hugs them, Shagun gets envious, she calls security and asks the to kick raman and ishita out. Raman says she is my daughter, the still shove him. Raman hits the guards he says let me go, she is my daughter. Ishita takes ruhi with her, Shagun pulls ruhi.
Shagun says to manager they want to take my daughter. Ishita says ruhi is not your designer saari, you don’t own her. you are not her. I wont let her learn all this drama from you. Ishita says I give you 2 days and I will take ruhi from you.

Off screen: Shagun says I called security and told them tat they are abducting my daughter. She says as long as ishita has suffered, I don’t feel bad. I want to control ruhi.

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