Veera is enjoying dandiya along with her family. Ranvi says Gunjan has come from Dehli and Ranvi has become the rockstar. She wants party in everything. She likes dandiya and all that as it has become more of a fashion. Gunjan says, I saw that people mingle in dandiya and it makes people one.

Veera is quite upset even in pooja. She tells the reporter, I have no interest in all this but I am still there so no one gets hurt. I am mentally absent and only concerned about Baldev being in jail. I can’t call him. I prayed that Ranvi accepts Baldev and remove all the misunderstandings. Gunjan says, I will handle Ranvi. He is just elder brother and protective about his sister. When Baldev gets responsible Ranvi will agree.

Inspector Rajveer comes to the party. he is the same guy who saved Veera and sent Baldev to jail. Baldev comes in the party and gets angry when he finds Veera with Rajveer. He leaves from the door.

Baldev off screen says, I got angry when I saw veera with the person who sent me to jail. I am bugged with her and I felt like she doesn’t need me.

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