Sahil and Sanskar are fighting. There is big drama in the show. Reporter says beat him Sanskar, its necessary to teach a lesson to Sahil, else he will not let Swara live. Sahil dons pujari’s getup and does aarti. Reporter says Sahil and Sanskar have fight scene today and we came here to capture this scene. Maheshwari family were having Durga puja. Sahil came there as pujari to kidnap Swara. But he gets exposed there.

Maheshwari family planned this to catch Sahil. Offscreen Swara says Sahil’s mummy and police helped us too. Sahil came in disguise and then got beaten up by Sanskar after getting caught by entire family. Sahil takes a knife to kill Sanskar. A flying rocket toy hits Sahil and he falls. Police arrests Sahil and takes him away. Sanskar and Swara hug. Keep reading.

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