Ragini gets slapped by Sharmishta. Sharmishta asks Ragini to tell everyone how she has kidnapped her own mother. Ragini’s evil pot has bursted today. The reporter says see how her mum is punishing her today. Offscreen says Swara says truth did not come out till now. Offscreen Ragini says she got beaten up and did not speak all the truth. She got silent and cries.

Sharmishta gets shocked when Swara supports Ragini. Sanskaar asks Swara to lose or prove her mum wrong. Offscreen Swara says she had to prove her mum wrong infront of the family. Offscreen Ragini says she has slapped herself, as Sharmishta did not slap her, she wanted some marks on her face. The reporter says Swara has come in the house, and now the truth will come out. Keep reading.

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