Ragini has slapped Laksh. Ragini says now you wil see my hatredness She says I will write Maheshwari family’s destiny and moves the keys in her hand. She used to wear saree before also, but now she has a make over. Ragini will not wear bindi, nose pin, bangles and marwadi earrings, and will be without Pallu. She says she has changed and she will be going to be head of the family. She slaps Laksh hard and says you have seen my eyes, and now you will see my hatred.

One thing has not changed and even grown more is that Ragini’s hatred. Offscreen Ragini says she doesn’t slap Namish and he is her good friend. She says Laksh wanted to kill me and that’s why I slapped me. Reporter says so Laksh is also conspiring. Swara and Ragini’s equation have changed, and the owner of the house is changed…All the property and house keys came in Ragini’s hands. Keep reading.

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