Shresth Kumar joins the cast of COLORS’ ‘Agnisakshi…Ek Samjhauta’

MUMBAI: COLORS’ ongoing show ‘Agnisakshi…Ek Samjhauta’, continues to entertain audiences with the journey of Satvik Bhosle and Jeevika Rane, played by Aashay Mishra and Shivika Pathak respectively. After divorcing each other Satvik and Jeevika fall in love and get married again. This popular love story is all set to introduce a big twist with the entry of actor Shresth Kumar as Utkarsh, the eldest son in the Bhosle family and Rajnandini’s husband. After being missing for the past seven years, he emerges from oblivion to everyone’s surprise.

In the upcoming track, Jeevika discovers an unidentified man in a shattered state at the Bhosle farmhouse. The said man meets with an accident caused by Jeevika’s car and she takes him to the hospital, not knowing that he is Utkarsh. Will the Bhosle family recognize and accept him after all the years he’s been away?

Talking about his entry in the show, Shresth Kumar says, “I’ve had the privilege of working with COLORS on a few popular shows and so I’m excited to be collaborating with the channel yet again. In Agnisakshi… Ek Samjhauta viewers will see me in a positive role as the eldest son in the Bhosle family, who was loved and respected by all. Playing the role of a person who has been held captive for many years and lost his memory has its challenges. That’s what makes this role interesting for me and I hope to be embraced by the viewers who have loved the show. I look forward to working with its talented and seasoned actors.”

To know more, keep watching ‘Agnisakshi…Ek Samjhauta’ at 9:30 pm every Monday to Friday only on COLORS.

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