prem is looking for his simar in a bus. He says, simar bharadwaj is missing please let me know if you find her. He asks different people. He is looking for her at all possible locations. He came to this bus thinking he might find her here.

Off screen: Prem says her complexion is quite fair, height 5.8 slim and beautiful. Please give her my number if you find her. Prem says, first she was looking for me and now I am looking for her. Vikrant kidnapped her from the wedding venue. He says in the end everything will be fine.

Roli and Sid are helping prem as well. Prem says, I don’t even need to go gym. The reason of my fitness is being kidnapped and finding the kidnapped ones.

Prem has got a clue. He has found Vikrant’s phone in hands of a lady with a veil. Prem says, I doubted the veiled women because one of them was akin to Simar.

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