Paridhi slaps Radha. She slaps Paridhi back and then there is an endless cycle of slaps between the two.

Just when Paridhi was entering the house with Jigar after the wedlock. Radha comes there and says I am Jigar’s wife too. She tells how she got married to Jigar along with Paridhi. Kokil says you should be ashamed to do such acts Radha. Everyone is extremely bewildered. paridhi breaks down on the floor in tears.

Jigar says, I have two when i didn’t want one. My life is certainly going to be hell.

Jigar is about to slap Radha and says how dare you? Paridhi cries so hard on the floor.

paridhi says, I didn’t even know Radha. She came back to seek revenge from Modi family, but it actually harmed me. Radha says, I have nothing on you. I just wanted to do something that will jitter Modi house. Paridhi says, you took my husband still you are saying you have nothing on me.

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