Today is Ahem’s romantic date with Mansi. They have come to drink tea from shop. Mnsi mixes something in Ahem’s tea and gives it to him, he is about to drink it but Gopi comes and throws cup away, Ahem is shocked and shouts at her that what has happened to you, what you did.

Off-screen: Mansi says that I challenged Gopi that me and Ahem will get engaged today so to win it, I took Ahem out but as usual plan got failed.

Reporter says, Mansi was going to propose Ahem, she had put ring in his tea to surprise him but Gopi destroyed her plan.

Off-screen: Mansi says, when you give challenge to Gopi, she becomes strong, she is so head stubborn that she has decided to fail my every plan and is being successful in it. Ahem jokingly says but at end of day, we will get married.

On-screen: Mansi says to Gopi that i had put ring in Ahem’s tea as I wanted to propose him. Urmi comes and pushes Mansi away, she says to Mansi that you wanted to kill Ahem thats why you mixed something in his tea. she throws hot tea on Mansi, Ahem stops her. Urmi also forces Mansi to do household work.

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