Seher aka Sunehri is seen hugging Rehan. Reporter says, this love is not easy and one has to overcome the lake of fire. Their love is very sweet. They are making cake of romance. Today is Rehan’s happy birthday and Sunehri wants to surprise him by making cake for him. There is a twist to the story. Cake gets burnt. Sunehri thinks to steal the cake instead.

Do Sunehri loves Rehan. Seher says, she thought to surprise him and that’s why thought to make the cake. Reporter says, Rehan surprised her before she could surprise him. Rehan surprises her. He gets surprised to see the cake’s condition. Rehan starts making it. Rehan says, hopefully it will be fine.

Reporter says, we are smelling romance brewing up between you both. When he tells Sunehri about his birthday, she gives him a hug. Seher says, she thought to give him a hug on his birthday. Rehan turns and see her romantically. Reporter says, what you have to say about Rehan’s Jado Ki Jhappi.

Rehan says, it was a surprising hug for him. He is still lost in Sanam’s love. Even Aahil is not here. It feels good if someone hugs us. Reporter says, this is just starting and lets see what happens next. She gives her best wishes. Keep reading.

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