Ayush hugs Avantika and calls her mom. He says she is my mom and shows her ring. Avantika cries and confesses to Harish that he is her son and cries aloud. Harish stays shocked. Reporter says Avantika has confessed that Ayush is her illegimate son from her deceased boyfriend.

Adi and Pankhudi thought to give surprise to Avantika and Harish on their anniversary, but it turns out to be a big shock. Adi says Pankhudi didn’t tell me. Pankhudi says she can’t inform him without Avantika’s permission. I kept quiet. Reporter says, Ayush is Avantika and her boyfriend’s child. Her boyfriend dies before her delivery.

Purushottam Deewan lies to Avantika that her son was dead. Pankhudi tells Adi that you are Avantika’s second son. Adi is surprised. Pankhudi tells him that the show is ending and Adi is Avantika’s original son. She asks Adi to accept her big brother Ayush. Avantika cries looking at Harish. Keep reading.

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