Ranveer has been arrested. Ishani is dazed to see the inspector arresting ranveer, she is in tears. Ranveer has been accused to kill Chiragh. She will take the blame of herself to save him. She says arrest me inspector i have killed chiragh. Ranveer says she is lying the proofs are mine. this is my watch and i killed him.

There will be a leap after ranveer goes to jail and ranveer and ishani will be parted.

Off screen: ishani says last thing i saw was that they were fighting and i fainted. When I got up i saw a corpse, I thought it ranveer so I rushed but when i saw it was chiragh and cops had arrested ranveer. I came to police station and say i wanna acknowledge my crime, I have killed chiragh. Ranveer was shocked to hear this.
Ranveer says when someone else makes mistakes, we take the blame.

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