Ranveer and Ishani celebrate Diwali.

Reporter says, Ranveer and Ishani’s Diwali is going to be happy. they will celebrate Diwali in grand way with Diyas and firecrackers.

Reporter says, all animosity fades away on day of Diwali, enemies also comes closer on this day and today forgetting about her poor financial status, Ishani has dressed very elegantly.

Off-screen Ranveer is with Ishani, he says that like every year, we will celebrate Diwali with all rituals, firecrackers and everything in our house. Ishani says, I am going to Delhi, my hometown for three days. Ranveer says, play with firecrackers, Ishani says I will enjoy Diwali party.

reporter says, it is not important what they are wearing, its important that they are together and are giving wishes for Diwali.

off-screen Ranveer says, till today Ishani couldn’t understand me, I am trying to show her that person in her life is bad and I told her too that I love her, now I think she will finally understand my true love and she will soon comeback in my life.

Reporter says, we hope Chirag burns like firecracker on this Diwali and we get to see ishani and Ranveer together.

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