Abhi and Pragya are in the hotel, Tanu follows them and gets insulted. Reporter says, Abhi and Pragya are welcomed in the concert. They will be staying in this hotel. Tanu got insulted in this hotel by the media. Media completely ignored her. Tanu gets jealous to the core………..

Abhi tells that they have come for a show. They have decided to come. Tanu says, she is bone in the meat, between Abhi and Pragya and laughs. Reporter says, Tanu gets angry. Tanu says, Abhi is more popular than her. Reporter says, Abhi and Pragya at one side, and Tanu is at the other side. They have reached the hotel at same time.

Pragya says, Abhi wanted to spend some time with Tanu but it happened otherwise. Tanu says, I reached before him. Reporter says, Abhi tried to agree her but she is not in a mood to agree. Lets see how she takes revenge from Abhi and Pragya for this insult. Keep reading.

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