Pragya tells Abhi that Tanu’s baby is not of Abhi and Mehra family. Abhi is shocked. Reporter says Pragya has exposed Tanu’s secret and informs Abhi that Tanu acted to be pregnant with his baby as she wants his wealth. Abhi is shocked. Tanu shows the DNA report in which Abhi is the father of her baby. The report turns out to be fake. Tanu acts to faint. The scene is shot with Tanu’s body double as she met with an accident.

Nikhil gets worried seeing Tanu fainted and asks someone to give water. It is yet to be seen what Pragya will do now. If she can proof Tanu’s report to be fake. Tanu and Nikhil acted so that they get time to think about their next move. They can accuse Pragya to separate her from Abhi. Keep reading.

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