Abhi and Pragya get in serious argument this time. They are been shooting promo shoot. Pragya has make new rules for the family. Pragya tells that rule no. 1 and asks everyone to wake up at 6:55 am in the morning. Offscreen Pragya says she has become strict and she is making sure everyone follow the rules else they can’t stay in her house.

Reporter says Aaliya and Tanu are shocked as it is tough for them to follow new rules made by Pragya. Pragya makes Tanu wash the utensils, while Aaliya was forced to cook food and makes a dough, Taiji and Mitali will be asked to sweep and clean the house.

Tanu says she has to wash the utensils, Mitali is sweeping the house, and Aaliya is making dough in the kitchen. Pragya says it has come as a shock for them. She says she has separate set for rules for Abhi. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……….Keep reading.

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