Neil has been changing a lot. Neil gets drunk and asks Roshni about her puja and purity. Reporter says Neil misbehaves with Roshni, when Sid comes to explain Neil, Neil pushes Sid and gets angry. Neil has lost his senses being drunk.

Sid slaps Neil and gets Neil back to senses. Offscreen Sid says when kid does not understand anything on explaining, he needs a slap. Reporter says Neil did another drama after having slap. He has thrown the dish and troubled Roshni.

Roshni was shocked seeing Neil’s behavior. Reporter says Neil is heartbroken, he has seen Sid and Roshni in arms, they were drunk that time.

Neil is angry as he feels they both love each other. Reporter says Neil is getting his frustration out. Roshni will get kidnapped again. The show has more kidnapping and memory loss drama, and bit of romance is seen always. Keep reading.

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