Reporter says Roshini and DD are doing Dhanteras aarti together……..Shehnayi song plays…….Look at Jamai Raja’s bumper surprise, look at God’s miracle. You might be shaken to see the miracle. This miracle is done by Sid. DD is ultra modern then how she got trapped in this custom.

DD says she doesn’t believe in all this. She does all this customs as her family follows the rituals. She even doesn’t believe in God. She is doing for forever. Sid took advantage of the puja and puts Napthalene in the diya. Roshini comes to DD’s rescue as the fire starts catching.

Roshini says she has seen her mom in pain, but that doesn’t mean that they will patch up. Reporter says Nia was saved from the fire accident. Reporter praises Sid and hopes Roshini and DD unites soon.

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