Gayatri has got a makeover and looks stunning post her marriage. The reporter says it looks flower path and no one has seen thorns hidden in it. Offscreen Rana ji says I have felt so much pain for her, its fine if she bears this, I wish someday someone does this for me. The reporter says Rana ji did not give her his wife’s place, but seeing her in pain, he has lifted her and her pain was gone. Gayatri gets glad.

Offscreen Rana ji says it was sweet and romantic moment, we are trying to make it more sweet. The reporter says this jewellry looks captivating on Gayatri, she knows there are many people to trouble her, so she better be ready to face them. Nai lage jiya tere bin……. Plays…….. Rana ji sits caring for Gayatri’s feet.

The reporter says Rana ji also did first aid and its lottery for Gayatri. Her pain would have gone easily. The reporter says is she dreaming, if so, don’t let this dream break. Rana ji takes care of her hurt feet. Offscreen Gayatri says it was simple grahpravesh and she did not know it has thorns. Keep reading.

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