Sandhya and Sooraj are spending time with each other. Sooraj is closing his shop when Sandhya comes and says, she forgot her stick in shop, sooraj goes in shop to get it but sandhya comes in shop and closes the shutter of the shop, she comes to sooraj and starts flirting, she puts her hands around his shoulder. they smile each other.

Sooraj holds sandhya’s hand and they sit on bench beside each other. Reporter says, it was an excuse by sandhya to come close to Sooraj. Always busy IPS wife, sandhay took time out to romance with her husband.

Off-screen, Sandhya says that there is no special place to shower love especially when you are a married couple so we found shop only but its our shop and its night so nobody is going to come.

Off-screen, Sooraj jokes that when there is such a romantic hero infront of you then.. he laughs. He says, Sandhya loves me a lot and she doesn’t get time in day so when person comes in night, all tired then he becomes more romantic.

reporter says, the reason behind Sandhya’s sudden love showering can be disha, who has feelings for sooraj.

Off-screen sandhya says, In night also sooraj is roaming around with disha, I don’t like it, she then laughs. Yes, disha is luring sooraj so I thought to make up with my hubby and give him time otherwise I will be busy in police work and my husband will be gone.

Sooraj says, she doesn’t have doubt on me but she doesn’t trust other women.

Reporter says, not only romance but Sandhya has brought a gift for sooraj. Sandhya brings coat and jeans for Sooraj so that Sooraj will look good in Dubai.

Off-screen Sooraj says, sandhya has given me very nice clothes and I don’t know why is she giving me it? doesn’t she like my look.

Sandhya says, I know sooraj is not comfortable in jeans but I brought these clothes for him for the special occasion. I am trying to convince him.

On-screen, Sooraj says to sandhya that I am fine in my clothes and gives her back the jeans and shirt, Sandhya tries to convince him and says you will look like a hero in jeans and shirt, She says you have to wear these clothes, they share an eye-lock. Reporter says, Sooraj can try as much as he can but Sandhya will convince him before going to Dubai.

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