Meenakshi is shown crying and she tried to commit suicide. Reporter says, Meenakshi’s dream has been shattered. As her husband has married someone else. Vikram has married someone else and brought her home. Meenakshi is very upset and she attempted to kill herself.

Reporter says, Sooraj is here don’t worry. He will make everything all right. Sooraj entered the room just like a hero and saved Meenakshi. Sandhya off screen says, Vikram is ready to leave Meenakshi. He wants to divorce her.

Sooraj has broken the glass to get in and save Meenakshi. Baba is enraged too. He will make a decision. Baba saa says, I will speak up today. I have decided that you two will live here. Sandhya says what are you saying baba?

Baba saa tells the reporter, there is a lot of drama and anarchy in the house due to Vikram’s wedding. Sandhya says, this all a conspiracy of RK. Our house is broken in to two due to Prema. Prema says, Prema is an innocent girl. Vikram is really nice. He has appointed me at his shop as well.

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