Sandhya is following Disha, disguised as a civilian. Reporter says, Disha has reached the village where Zakir and Sandhya have kept RK. She is looking all around for her brother. She is taking pictures as well. There RK is trying to wave her from opposite building.

Sandhya off screen says, There is no GPS or other signals at the village where we have kept RK. Sandhya and Zakir come to meet him everyday. RK’s people can reach him by following us, so we disguise in completely different manner.’

Sandhya has bought a veil and she has hidden her face. Sandhya says, I have worn viel many times before so it wasn’t anything new to me. I used to wear it to feel like a common woman. I used to go to markets wearing it. I have worn it in serial and we are enjoying it. Reporter says, RK has started his new drama in the detention. RK has started screaming in the room. Sandhya says, he is such a drama. Whatever he does I am not going to be merciful for him.

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