Anupamaa fame Aman Maheshwari to make his Hollywood debut with web show Postcards

Actor Aman Maheshwari has given it all to his acting skills that whenever he’s seen on screen he makes the viewers compel to stop and stare at the screen with his nuanced performances and as now he has done his appearance in the popular show Anupamaa and no doubt he has grabbed this level of success with his hard work and dedication towards work and as a result of that he has become the prominent part of one of the Hollywood web show which is definitely a massive push for him and recently the actor talked about this show and also revealed about his character and spilt some interesting beans about his debut international project.

Talking about the excitement and eagerness for his first international project to roll down, Aman says, “I am very excited and grateful that I get to do such an amazing international web show Postcards, which is a collaboration of Indian and African actors. The makers of this show are amazing, and I am really looking forward to it.”

He continues talking about what parameters he bagged this web show and what this is all about, He tells, “They were looking for an Indian person who had a really good command of the English language, and one of the celebrity stylists who’s also my friend recommended my name to the makers, and that’s how I bagged this project.” He adds, “It’s a collaboration of Indian and African values. Everything is combined, like it’s just a place of origin, but in the end, love is the driving force, as is being genuine, grateful, and kind, so it’s all about the values.”

When asked about the star cast and his closest on-set friend during the shoot of this web show, He tells, “The cast is huge and includes some of the best-known names in world cinema. And my bonding became very amazing with the entire star cast and I have made a strong bond with each one of them but the one with whom I enjoyed a lot working with is Mofe-Damijo,” He adds, “The makers and especially our director Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, are very chilled out, as they let me be free to perform and didn’t force anything on me, due to which I have given only one take for each of shot, for which I was praised a lot by the directors. As a result, this was a plus for me.”

Aman concludes his words by opening up about the urge of working with Priyanka Chopra, says, “I would love to be a part of more projects in Holloywood, and Priyanka Chopra is my inspiration. She’s well spoken, outsourced, and a businesswoman who’s really a delight to watch and whom I look up to, and she has made her way on her own, which is really motivating.”

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