Sandhya has changed her getup, She is wearing bright color Gujrati Saree. Reporter says,she has become Gujrati Daughter in law replacing her Rajisthani Daughter in law look. Sandhya has adopted Gujrati style and also changed style of Zakir and RK. They are all in new look and has come to a place far than their city. They don’t know anyone in this new place. Actually when you have handle clever criminal like RK then you have to plan something different that’s why Zakira and Sandhya has brought RK to a new place.

Off-screen, Sandhya says that I am wearing Gujrati Saree and I am liking it as its very light and comfortable. Audience don’t have to wear it, We are police officers of Pushkar so we got this idea. Sandhya then jokes that our show writers thought that our clothes are stinging so they changed our look.

Reporter says, to house arrest RK, Sandhya and Zakir have made a fake village where whole society is full of officers only. every shopkeeper and lady of this village has only one mission and that is to keep an eye on RK but its not easy to keep criminal like RK in house arrest. RK is happy to come in society as he thinks that its more easy for him to run now that’s why he is challenging Sandhya.

On-screen, RK says to Sandhya that what is this village? SAndhya says, you will stay here. RK then says that you made it for me to run. Sandhya says, try it. Reporter says, this idea is of Sandhya and she got it by seeing a pen.

Off-screen Zakir says, We got a big blow when we got the news of RK’s escape from jail, we took many security measures but even he ran away. We were in a fix but Sandhya got an idea by seeing a pen in her hand, she showed that pen to me also and explained me her plan.

Reporter says, Sandhya get good plans in her mind but this plan might fail as RK is walking one step ahead and he has planned not only against you and your family but against common people too so your plan can fail infront of his.

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