Gopi is seen playing with a white cat. Paridhi is also liking her. Reporter says that someone has come in serial that will help Urmila mami in her antics. Urmila mami will get help from maternal aunt(maausi) and that is the white cat and this cat is very elegant. she is throwing attitude around.

Off-screen Gopi says, Loin’s maternal aunt has come to our house. She is a cute cat. Reporter says, mami and paridhi tried a lot but cat didn’t give any expression to them. This cat has attitude with her and her name has attitude too, her name Lilly.

Off-screen Urmila mami says, cat’s name is Lilly, she is of white color.

Reporter says, when cat came on set, her name got changed and that to by Gopi bahu.

Gopi says, I suggest snowy as her name because she is white, hairy and chubby.

Reporter says, like on-screen, off-screen too cat is throwing her weight around. When Gopi tried to play with her, she gave no response to her. When mami was giving Lilly to paridhi, cat jumped out of basket before paridhi could lift her.

Off-screen Urmila says that in show, by paridhi’s mistake, the cat is lost so she asked me to help her and bring one cat for her as she wants to become hero in Modi family. What used to for Rashi, now I am doing for paridhi.

Reporter says, Story of this cat is that children of modi house brought cat from neighbors but that cat is lost so Paridhi has brought another cat which she will give to neighbor and will save kids from her, she will become hero of house this way.

Off-screen Urmila says, I know that this not the real Lilly so what will happen to Modi house, you all have to see.

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