The reporter says the Tashan between the two Jamai will start now. Siddharth and Rajveer came to help DD when she was caught by the police. Rajveer and Sid came face to face and shows tons of attitude. Aa dekhe zara plays in BG. Both the Jamai are trying hard to impress DD to make a good place in her eyes.

Sid and Rajveer don’t leave any chance to leave impression on her. The police came to DD house and Sid comes to save her. He says some good lines and Rajveer says till we Jamai are here, you can’t catch our mum in law.

The reporter says DD felt for the first time that Sid is a good Jamai. Offscreen DD says he is doing this t get high in my eyes. Sid jokes that he can’t balance her. The reporter says the evil man is Rajveer, see his true side, he has come to take DD’s property and he is the one who has made her caught in police, whom she regards the Jamai no 1.

It is Sid who has come and saved her and DD spends time in cursing her always. He says Sid has one way to expose Rajveer’s truth and become Jamai no 1 in DD’s eyes.

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