Sahir is angry once on Aarzoo and holds her against the wall having eyelocks. Dard kam hojaate, mai aur tum agar hum hojaate plays in BG The reporter says the love feelings which can’t be expressed and can’t be said to anyone, Sahir is caught in such thing as he is expressing his anger on Aarzoo. Aarzoo comes in his room without knocking the door and he gets angry.

Offscreen Aarzoo says she has knocked the door and went and puts blame on Alvira jokingly. Sahir says she did not knock and come. Aarzoo says she came herself to thank him and did not knock. The reporter says she was shocked seeing him in this state, he was shirtless and looked in pain. She says his behavior is very shocking.

The reporter says he is worried for his feelings as he wants to go away from her and she comes infront of him always. Sahir says he does not want her to be close and away. He says he is confused and the actors give new time slot 8.30 pm on Sony tv. Kurbaan hua plays in BG.

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