Havaan is on going in as whole Singhaniya family is together. Nandani is expecting so the pooja is meant to pray for her. Nandani faints during the havaan and the whole family got worried. Reporter says, there is nothing to worry about it was just because of weakness. The good news is yet to come and happiness will be all around the Singhaniya family.

Though the whole family has got in to a new argument whether it will be a girl or a boy.

Akshara tells the reporter, the havan is being done for Nandani’s child. After so many years when doctors even said she can never become a mom, she is pregnant finally. We are all so glad for her. Akshara says first child should be a baby girl. Yash says if its a boy there will be three boys and two girls. If its a girl they will be three and boys will lose. So it should be twins. Nandani says I don’t differentiate between son and daughter but as I have a son in form od Yash so I will be glad if its a girl.

Akshara tells the reporter, there is a reason behind fainting of Nandani. Mohit had to go somewhere but as now Nandani needs him, Natik will go instead of Mohit. Mohit says, We have an adopted son and he is so mischievous. We have waited long for this moment to come. Nanadi says yeah Yash fulfilled the vacant space of a child in out house so he will always be out priority, but we are happy that God has given us this blessing.

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