Its Karishma and Naman’s sangeet and the theme is disco. Everyone is clad in fancy wear. But Naksh is standing out with a lightening jacket. He dances on ‘I am disco dance’. They are all in Karishma’s house. Akshara is wearing a black dress.

Off screen: Akshara says we are all dressed up in a different attire. We are really excited. Karishma says, I am wearing short fancy dress and these accessories. Naman shows his suit as well. Bhabhi tells about her dress as well. Nandani says we are all shiny and fancy today. Akshara says, I am wearing this smoky make up for the first time. Natik says, i was dazed and amused when I saw Akshara. Natik says we have a disco theme so I am wearing this. Akshara says me and natik are dancing on a soft song.

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