Natik has become the pani poori seller. Akshara enjoys them and Natik makes them for her. Reporter says, Its understood why Akshara wants to et pani pooris. She is pregnant and likes to eat sour these days. But what happened to Natik? When did he become pani poori seller? Looks like he has a lot of experience in this field too.

Natik says, she wanted to eat pani poori so I came. I saw that pani poori seller isn’t there and she started walking to the car in bereavement. Akshara says, I was sad. He says, I couldn’t see her sad so I became this pani poori seller. Akshara says, we can become anything.

Akshara is going towards the car. Natik says, ma’am here is the pani poori seller. Tell me how much you want? May I make you eat with my own hands? Akshara says stop flirting with me and make pani poori or I will call police. Naik makes the pani poori and Akshara enjoys them. Akshara tells the reporter, It was lovely. Akshara is always carried away by Natik’s gestures. This is one of the romantic gestures from Natik so I appreciated it.

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