Akshara and Natik are seen dancing on garba tunes. Reporter says, before Navratri, Akshara and Natik celebrated Garba night. They are dancing and making atmosphere joyous. In advance, dandiya night is celebrated because Natik cameback from Surat and gave surprise entry in Udaypur, he has Gujrati custom alongwith him.

Off-screen Akshara says, We all love to play dandiya and for the first time, this kind of occasion is happening show, We have added Gurati flavor in our show.

reporter says, Singhaniya family celebrates Garba night every year but this night Dandiya’s colors are also added in the night. Not only Natik’s family is playing dandiya but Akshara’s family has also practiced for the dandiya night.

Off-screen Akshara’s mother says, Music is like this that when it starts playing, you don’t want it to stop, its late night, we all are tired but we feel like playing more and more garba.

Off-screen Bhabhimaa(kaveri) says, I am very happy and I can’t express it, my son Natik has returned from Surat, we all are happy and celebrating.

Reporter says, In the festive mood, the twist came in when Duggu went missing and Akshara got tensed for him.

Off-screen Akshara says, duggu is lost somewhere and Natik has not returned yet so I am worried but eventually they will be found.

On-screen, Akshara is seen announcing for Duggu, she goes to stage and announces on mike that wherever you are duggu, please come on stage. I am finding you, come to me. Naitk comes in hall with duggu, Akshara is relieved and hugs Duggu.

Reporter says, one twist was resolved by Natik but anther twist came in when Devyani got angry seeing Naman and Karishma together.

On-screen, Dveyani says to Naman hat what has happened to him, you are quarreling with me, Karishma says Naman is just try to talk.

Off-screen Akshara says, We thought to make this Dandiya night enjoyable but because of Naman and Karishma’s issues, we had to leave for home leaving the festival, Rukmini had seen something so we had to leave for home but overall we danced and enjoyed before this problem. Natik, me and duggu danced together so it was good but spice is always added to the show.

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