Alok comes to Akshara’s house and grasps her hand. He was spying on her and now he has reached her house. Akshara knows how to handle people like him. She says, How dare you to touch me. He says what I did? Akshara says you find a reason and come to my place. You should be ashamed of doing all this.

Off screen: Akshara says, it is not like that but still I have doubts. I don’t like him coming to my place whatever the reason is. I slipped today and he held my hand to save me but I had an objection on that too. I am quite insecure about all this. Thought, I have told Natik everything.

Alok actually came to meet Natik for business purposes. Alok tells the reporter, that day she fell from the rickshaw I saved her and her dad saw me. He got angry and a scene was created. Akshara says, there is not such thing now. Yes we were involved in the college days but there is no such thing now. He has come with a mission to work with us. He didn’t even know that I am Natik’s wife. He will eventually get married.

Alok will get married to Muskan in a long run. Divyani’s ex-husband and Rukmani aunty have created a drama about Naman’s wedding. Akshara will handle this as well.

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