Raman gives milk to Ishita and make her drink it. They have a sweet talk.

Reporter says, Raman showing love on Ishita today that’s why he is fulfilling his Duty as Ishita’s Husband. He has made Ishita drink the milk. Ishita doesn’t like to drink milk but Raman has given her glass with much love that she can’t deny it. With difficulty, Ishita finished the glass. the question is what is the reason behind this love and care today?

off-screen Ishita says, Raman is tensed about me as he is realizing that there are many problems in his life and those problems has started affecting me too that’s why he is taking care of me these days a little more.

Reporter says, Raman asked forgiveness from Ishita as she went to jail because of him and he is so embarrassed because of his son Adi that he cannot look in Ishita’s eyes even.

Reporter says, Mrs. Bhalla also asked forgiveness from Ishita in lock-up. Mrs. Bhall cried a lot.

On-screen Mrs. Bhalla says to Ishita that it all happened because of me. Me and your mother did a joke and you are bearing consequences of it, I don’t know how we thought to do such cheap joke, please forgive me Ishita. She cries.

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