Its Karwa chauth, Mummy ji and rest of the ladies in the house have fated for long life of their husbands but the case with Raman and Ishita is different.
Ishita is making Ramna drink the water and eat sweets. Its Raman who has fasted rather than Ishita.

Ishita tells the reporter, usually women fast for the long life of their men but my husband has fasted. As I fainted a few days ago and was hospitalized so he said you won’t fast. Then I got surprised when he told me that he has fasted for me.

She tells about her dress up that she is wearing a red dress and on her hand is written IR with mehndi.

Everyone called Raman husband no. 1 this bugged him and he left without eating. Ishita says off screen, I want Raman to have a good and long life.

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