Ishita says to Mihika, Mihir is going from the same kind of pain like you. How can you think he can stay away from you? He loves you. Why would he leave you? How can you talk about giving up and all? His love isn’t weak. Mihika says, perhaps it should be weak. At least there would have been less pain if his love was weak. ishita says, how immature are you> You know what weak love is like? How can think that there is no heartache in weak love? Did you see Simi and Param’s love? That was weak love. Simi kept craving for him. She kept living a lie. She now realized that he is not the man for her. Now she has said to whole family that she is giving up on him. That’s what she is just saying. Do you know how much pain is there in her heart? The weak love broke her. your and Mihir’s love is not weak, its very strong.

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