Ishita is fuming, she is cleaning the room and is angry for messed up room. She says what is this way, what is Raman’s problem. Raman comes there and ask whats your problem, you have changed my entire room. Ishita says, what you mean by your room? this is my room too, I have legally married you, whats your is mine too.

Reporter says, the verbal spat of husband and wife started again. On-screen, Ishita says ok I know my place but that doesn’t mean I cant fight for my right. Raman sees her angry and ask did any patient bite you? He must filled a case on you when he got to know that you are a fake doctor.

Reporter says, bickering of raman and ishtia started again but today matter seems to be serious seeing ishita’s anger.

On-screen, Ishita talks to herself and says I don’t know many girls are there in raman’s life. he has many secrets, I don’t care.

Off-screen, ishita tells that raman has hidden some things from me again and being Ishita, I expect that when I tell everyone truth then everyone should say truth to her and especially Raman. She has told everything about her life to Raman so she would expect Raman to tell her everything too but now she has got to know a weird thing about Raman which is related to his past.

Reporter says, the past secret is that, Raman had some other girl too in his life other than Shagun, that’s why Ishita is jealous.

Reporter says, don’t worry ishita, this anger is for short time only and after that you and Raman will have love for each other only. Raman and Ishita is seen dancing closely and romantically in rain.

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