Raman smiles looking at Ishita. Muskurane ke waja song plays.

Reporter says that they are smiling at each other, they are talking with their eyes only, look the love has blossomed between them.

Reporter says, Ishita and Raman both are in love and there is a lot of confusion too. Actually, Raman is getting wrong signals by Ishita’s smile. Raman has announced that Ishita will not sleep on couch from now on.

On-screen, Raman puts Ishita’s blanket on bed, Ishita ask the reason. Raman says couch is breaking so you can fall off it that’s why I had put your blanket on bed, you will sleep in bed. Ishita says how can we both sleep in single bed. Raman ask why? can’t you resist me?

Reporter says, its again madrasies vs punjabies. they have decided to do competition in Shagun’s Sangeet and Ishita is discussing this with Mrs. bhalla.

On-screen, Ishita says to Mrs. bhalla, will you dance? Mrs. bhalla says yes but you don’t take your parents side, you are on our side. Raman says leave it amma, let madrasies dance, we will not dance in others marriage.

Off-screen, I shita jokes that we are not from bride’s side or groom’s side but we are doing competition. Mrs.bhalla says i am not happy with this dance performance as shagun is our enemy.

Reporter says, problem doesn’t end here. Ishita asked for acidity medicines but some other medicines came.

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