ishita is running from goons, they catches Ishita and drags her in van, Ishita tries hard to free herself but fails. Raman comes there too running behind them. Thugs starts the van after putting ishita in it but Raman stops their van by bringing his car infront of it, he gets out of car and gets angry on goons. Raman beats hell out of goons, Ishita is emotional. After beating all the goons, Raman brings ishita out of van, Ishita Hugs Raman tightly.

Reporter says, we have seen in movies that first hero calls goons to tease heroine then hero saves heroine from goons to impress her. Raman is first husband in world who had put his wife in danger to pacify her. Situation is little different here, Raman called Ishita at some place to pacify her, Ishita reached there but got struck in-between goons.

Off-screen Ishita says, I was not listening to Raman, I was not taking his calls so he Raman lied that he had accident, I came here in tension for Raman and then everything got messed up.

Reporter says, Raman created story to meet and pacify Ishita but situation got tensed as he had to beat the goons and he beat them so much that they wont be able to clean themselves even with detergent.

Off-screen Ishita says, I reacted badly on his lie as his lie was very big so I came here and this Delhi, you don’t meet good people everywhere, I met goons who were looking for someone else and they misunderstood me to be her and kidnapped me.

Reporter says, Raman saved ishita from goons but when Ishita will come to know of his lie then she will angry on you. The wife who can hug her husband in middle of road, can fight with her husband on road too.

Ishita gets angry seeing Raman fine, she ask Raman to not touch her. Raman is bleeding on head because of fight with goons. Reporter says, Ishita got angry on Raman again but she will apply ointment on his wounds and there is possibility that they might patch-up in-between.

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