There is a girl in Baldev’s life too. She is after him in with parathy in her hands. Baldev says what’s wrong. She says eat these I have made it for you. Baldev tells the reporter, I don’t wanna eat but I have to eat forcefully. My mom wants me to marry a girl and this might be the one. So she after me with those parathy. She making effort to impress me. I am just thinking about the match. I want to win it and make Veera mine.

Veera says, Our lives have become interesting. As Rajveer has entered my life some girl has entered in his life too. Baldev says yeah there is a trouble in her life named Rajveer. I haven’t realized that there is a third person in my life too named Simran.

On the other hand, Veera is working on making a new relation. She wants her uncle to marry beeji. Veera says, I know Nihal uncle likes beeji. So I am trying to make them one.

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