It is shown that all the family members are laughing, reporter says that don’t laugh as if kokila sees this then she will become lioness but this lioness has got even bigger lioness infront of her that is pridhi. pridhi has given head ache to kokila but she is not ashamed for that instead giving giggles to kokila.

it is shown that kokila is scolding pridhi n dining table. kokila says to pridhi that try as much as you can but you wont get anything. reporter says, pridhi listened to kokila’s scolding and answered her back that i am saying sorry to you but not accepting my defeat.

Kokila starts leaving the table but she gets sprain in feet and is about to fall but pridhi holds her and take care of her to impress kokila. pridhi in off-screen interview says that i am trying to impress the family and i started with kokila behen. reporter says, kokila and pridhi share cordial relation with kokila off-screen. kokila and pridhi are seen laughing togther off-sreen.

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