Paridhi’s drama is going on. Reporter says, we are presenting you Television’s biggest drama queen, she is Paridhi Jigar Modi. She keep on playing different tricks to being Modi family under her control and now she is doing drama of Teej fast.

Reporter says, Paridhi’s drama number one was, she dressed herself in Indian red saree. She is trying to become Daughter in law like Gopi. Reporter says, its not easy fool Jigar.

Paridhi says to Jigar that I wanted you to come home early as I wanted to break my fast after seeing your glowing face only.
Off-screen Paridhi says, Today I am fasting for jigs so I wore Indian saree and jewelry in show. She shows her bindi and earrings.

Reporter says, paridhi’s drama number two was, she asked jigar to her gift and when he denied then she herself gave gift to jigar which was a ring but jigar didn’t take it and jerks her hand. Paridhi’s drama number three was, she acted like ring went in her throat and she can’t take breath. She is coughing so jigar make her drink water. This way, she broke her fast with jigar’s hand only.

Off-screen jigar says, I very well know how much capable paridhi is to lie but everytime we come in her trap. Her intentions aren’t wrong but her way is wrong. She everytime do something and I feel like killing her. Paridhi says, whatever I do is from heart but my way is not correct.

Paridhi’s drama number four was, she went to kokila and hugged her as she made jigar break her fast.
Off-screen kokila says, I felt like when I chose Gopi for Ahem, my heart said that Gopi will be good for my son and for my family and today I felt same for paridhi.

Jigar off-screen says, paridhi has lured two or three people of house so she has won but I am not coming in her trap. Paridhi says I have impressed all, only jigs is remaining.

Reporter says, don’t try to become another Rashi because lie’s end is not good and the twist coming in show is that soon Gopi will stand against paridhi and will give her tight answer.

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