Qubool Hai: ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ story in the show!

In this segment, the reporter says double-role story will soon be seen in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai.

Sanam and Seher are twins, but they are east and west, totally different from each other. Surbhi says, Seher is a con-girl, she robs people in disguised faces, so she obviously is little stylish.

Both Sanam and Tanveer have come to know about Sanam’s twin and they both are in search for her.

The reporter says, Sanam and Seher almost came face to face. But as this is a new twist, for many episodes, there will be hide-and-seek and finally it will most likely Tanveer who will see or find out about Seher and then she will play her usual games.

Tanveer says what all she has done with entire Sanam’s family, so she doesn’t know, what Sanam will do to her when she finds out the truth.

The reporter says that’s on-screen, but they have competition going on off-screen too. They both are addicted to candy crush game and whenever they have breaks, they start playing game.

Sanam says Tanveer started playing after her and she still went ahead. That proves how smart and fast she is.

Off-screen fun aside, keep watching Qubool Hai to see new avatar of Surbhi Jyoti.

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